Clever people ask for money from parents ostensibly to operate on their children

Pretending to be doctors is urgently asking for money to "operate" on their children

apati fraud, SURGERY, money

Experts are said to call unknown doctors pretending to be doctors and urgently asking for money to "operate" on their children.

According to Sigma's correspondent Mario Ignatiou, police were told that strangers called the landlines of retirees' homes asking for money to restore the health of their relatives abroad, telling them that their children had an accident and needed urgent surgery for the worst.

According to the same information, the suspects asked for cash while in their conversation they seemed to agree to take gold or jewelry so that "the work" could proceed while they were even willing to go through the house to receive it.

Paphos Police was immediately alerted after the complaints since as everything shows they are people who seem to know things and situations in the houses they chose to "knock" since the information about relatives abroad was in all cases very specific.