This is the most expensive apartment that "touches" the sky

The luxury home includes seven bedrooms, private terraces and gardens and unobstructed views

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It's the Sky Villa and it's… literally in the sky. It is the three-story penthouse of the Bulgari Lighthouse tower that is being developed on an area of ​​3.620,45 square meters and the expensive apartment in Dubai, as it costs 112 million dollars.

The house includes nine bedrooms, private rooftop terraces and gardens, and of course, unobstructed views.

According to a post by Dubai real estate analytics firm Property Monitor, the massive apartment is part of the luxury 27-story tower and features nine bedrooms, a private office, family room, gym, spa, 1.200 square meter terrace and of course, exclusive elevator access.

The Bulgari Lighthouse Penthouse is crafted with luxurious materials and details that rightfully make it the ultimate symbol of luxury.

A typical example is the horizontal layers of architectural coral that separate the dwellings and at the same time filter light and air.

The construction of the tower is being carried out in collaboration with Dubai-based construction company Meraas. It comprises 27 floors and 31 penthouses, topped by the unique three-storey Sky Villa.

As Meraas describes in her Twitter post, "The design of the front of the Bulgari Lighthouse is inspired by the natural and gentle movements of marine corals in the sea, creating living and breathing patterns of light that evolve and change from day to day. night".

Prior to the sale of the Bulgari Lighthouse Sky Villa, the most expensive apartment in Dubai was a $44,5 million property at the incredible Atlantis Hotel, The Royal on Palm Jumeirah.