Loosening restrictions are expected to be announced today in England

Relaxation of the measures of the so-called Plan B that had been adopted since last month to stop the Omicron variant

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Boris Johnson is expected to announce on Wednesday afternoon the easing of the measures of the so-called Plan B, which was adopted last month to stop the Omicron variant of the coronavirus in England.

The British Prime Minister will chair an extraordinary Council of Ministers in the morning, during which the latest epidemiological data will be studied and later he will make a statement in the House of Commons.

A government spokesman said late Tuesday that the decisions remain "finely balanced" as the booster dose has been given to more than 36 million people, but that coronavirus infections remain high and more than 17.000 people are still being treated. He added that Omicron was still a threat.

However, it is widely expected that Mr Johnson will lift the teleworking recommendation and announce the abolition of the vaccination certificate requirement for entry to mass events, such as sporting events and nightclubs.

However, it is considered less likely that the third measure of Plan B will be abolished, ie the use of a mask in commercial shops and means of transport.

These measures expire on 26 January.

The Prime Minister's move follows the improvement of the epidemiological picture in the last ten days. He is also believed to be part of his efforts to appease Conservative executives and voters who have begun questioning him following revelations about Downing Street parties amid a lockdown.

This effort to quell the backlash, dubbed "Operation Red Meat", includes announcements of a freeze and future abolition of the BBC citizens' fee, as well as the handing over of the armed forces to the English Channel. to stem the flow of refugees and migrants from mainland Europe.

Source: KYPE