Exhibition of works by Bob Dylan in Florida

In recent years the musician has increasingly put aside his guitar in favor of the brush because of his passion for the visual arts

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For the past 60 years, singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has created some of the most famous songs in American culture that have defined musical genres.

His poetic lyrics and innovative melodies, in hits such as "Blowin` in the Wind" and "Like a Rolling Stone", have inspired anti-war protesters and Rock `n` Roll stars.

In recent years the musician has increasingly put aside his guitar in favor of the brush, pencil and even the flame, due to his passion for the visual arts. Fans now have the opportunity to see Bob Dylan's creations up close at his first complete art exhibition in the United States.

The exhibition "Retrospectrum: Bob Dylan" with 200 sculptures, paintings and drawings by the singer-songwriter is hosted at the Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Art at the International University of Florida until April 17, 2022. The exhibition curated by art historian Sai Bytel at the Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, China in 2019. Most of the works were created in the last 15 years, according to the AP.

Bob Dylan is used to creating series of works, often changing artistic styles. The artist has created landscapes, nostalgic scenes along Route 66, which runs through most of the central-southern US states, illustrations based on his own lyrics and colorful depictions of cities around the world.

The "Retrospectrum" also includes some of Dylan's imposing iron creations. According to the Telegraph, the singer stitches horseshoes and old tools together to create sculptures from old irons. "Seeing many of my works years after they were completed is an exciting experience," the musician said in a statement.