USA: Parents committed suicide a few days apart

They orphaned a newborn

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The community of Santa Lucia in Florida is shocked by the news that two parents committed suicide a few days apart, leaving an infant just a few weeks old orphaned.

According to the Daily Mail, a pair of Florida police officers, Clayton Osteen and Victoria Pacheco, ended their lives within two days. They both served in the local police station and had recently become parents.

"When I got there I found my assistant Clayton in the blood and Victoria, also a member of our force, shocked," the Santa Lucia Police Chief revealed on New Year's Eve.

Clayton managed to stay alive for a few hours, but after two days they informed his partner that he was brain dead and they should take him out of the mechanical support.

Victoria returned home and committed suicide with her service weapon…

Sheriff Mascara explained that no one knows what led the two parents to suicide: "No one knows what went wrong on New Year's Eve. No one knows what armed a young man's hand to take his life. But what we can learn is no matter how big the problem in front of us, there is a solution for everything. Suicide does not solve problems. It multiplies them ".