Switzerland - Murder of a victim with a rich 22-year-old heir - The perpetrator in prison (IMAGES)

Anna was found dead in room 501 of the hotel "La Palma Au Lac" in Switzerland, in April 2019 and, two years later, the perpetrator was found guilty of her murder

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Details of the murder of a 22-year-old wealthy heiress from Britain and the perpetrator a German thumbs up are coming to light.

A thug killed a wealthy British heiress and then claimed she died during sex. He will, however, eventually spend 18 years in prison.

Anna Reed, 22, was found drowned in a luxury hotel room when her boyfriend of ten years, Mark Sutzle, begged for help as his partner turned "blue".

The burly German doorman said that the young woman died after he had put a towel around her neck during consensual sex, but in the end it turned out to be a horrible lie to cover up his crime. reed3 524x600 1 british, German, WOMEN, INHERITANCE

Anna was found dead in room 501 of the hotel "La Palma Au Lac" in Switzerland, in April 2019 and, on Thursday, the perpetrator was found guilty of her murder.

The catapult was the judge, Mauro Ermani, when he announced his decision to the murderer:

"You drowned an innocent woman who had given you love, money and a good life. All this because he had understood your lies and would leave you. Strangulation is not an instant death, you had time to realize what he did and you could have stopped, but on the contrary you did not. You are a dangerous person and Anna Reed was young, rich and beautiful, she was generous, smart and would not accept any lies. You value the good things in life, even though you can not 'raise' it financially and 'cling' to others, you never pay, as there is always someone else who will do it for you. We saw it with Anna Reed, whose expenses increased dramatically. "Before he met you, he spent 3.000 20.000 a month and then exceeded .XNUMX XNUMX a month," the judge said characteristically.

Reed had inherited .250.000 2016 after her mother died in 21 and her father, as a gift for her XNUMXst birthday, let her travel everywhere.
With the money he moved to Berlin where he had a relationship for three years with Willie Arnold, before they divorced in 2019, when he traveled to Thailand where he met Satsle. reed2 600x504 1 british, German, WOMEN, INHERITANCE

"Anna was a very smart girl, but she was very bald. We broke up and then I learned that she met Satsle in Thailand and they found out. I contacted his ex-girlfriend and she told me that he was not a very good man. He owed money to everyone and could also be violent. She told me that she was a liar and that she always borrowed money from her and her sister and would never return it. I texted Anna telling her about him, but she said she was happy and that things were okay. I believed her, as I heard her happy. "Unfortunately, this story ended with her death," Arnold told The Sun.

For his part, her father, Clive Reed, spoke kindly of his daughter: "Anna was probably the smartest member of the family. If something complicated had to be done, he would find the solution. But after the death of her mother, her studies did not go well and she ended up moving to Germany, where she made a new life. He was a very pleasant person, very sociable. She lit the room when she came in and she liked dancing, she loved her friends and always took care of them, they knew they could count on her and she was very generous. She was also very athletic. He loved horses, swimming and skiing. "