A toddler broke protocol when he met Prince Harry

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In the sweetest way…

The tour of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle in Australia and New Zealand continues, with the British media detailing their activities.

On Wednesday, the couple, who as it became known a few days ago, are expecting their first child, were in Dubo, New South Wales, where they met with volunteers from the Australian Flying Doctors Service and unveiled a new plane as part of the celebration of 90 years of the establishment of the organization.

The prince and the duchess then visited Buninyong Public School, where they came in contact with young students. There they met, among others, 5-year-old Luke who managed to break the protocol. After first hugging the prince he then started rubbing his beard for several seconds as they reminded him of his beloved Santa Claus. The prince seemed to be amused by his spontaneous movement as a child, even making funny faces.

"He got a hug from Megan and then Harry knelt down to talk to him and Luke left him no choice. Luke's favorite person is Santa Claus who has a beard. "So he rubbed Harry's beard," said school principal Annie Van Darrell.