France: Macron party politician attacked by vaccinators

He complained that over the weekend he was attacked by anti-vaccinators who protested against the health pass

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French politician Stephane Clero, who is a member of President Macron's ruling party La Republique En Marche, said today that he had been attacked by vaccinators over the weekend for a pandemic in the country to deal with the pandemic.

The attack on Clero, which took place on Sunday, took place in the midst of popular anger that has erupted in France after Macron's statement that he wants to "squeeze" the unvaccinated, making their lives so difficult that they end up being vaccinated against it. COVID.

Clero is a member of parliament for Saint Pierre and Miquelon, a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean near the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador that make up French territory.

"Obviously I will take legal action. Some people think that the right decisions are not being made. We all receive threats against our lives through the mail. "At some point this must stop," Clero told France Info today.

Overseas Minister Anik Girarden condemned the attack on Clero.

A photo of the attack appeared on her Twitter account, showing protesters throwing mud at the minister as he stood outside his house.

"The attack on Stefan Clero outside his own house during a demonstration against the health insurance is completely unacceptable. "The images are completely shocking," the minister wrote.

Source: RES-EAP