Why are expectations from the Trump-Putin meeting low?


A US intelligence report on the assessment of US-Russian competing interests and how common ground could be found in some of them came to light in the US.

Some of this information is published by CNBC. According to reports, the Russian leader is expected to ask Trump to stay out of the Ukraine conflict, withdraw troops from eastern Syria and resume talks with North Korea.

The long-awaited meeting takes place in the aftermath of the NATO Summit, but also a few days after the accusations of the US Department of Justice against 12 Russian agents for their interference in the US Presidential Elections in 2016. These are the most detailed US accusations against of Moscow for their involvement in the election to elect Donald Trump.

Concerns in the United States over the outcome of the meeting, however, intensified when Trump demanded that the two leaders meet separately without the participation of aides. According to CNBC, this can be considered dangerous as the former KGB employee - Vladimir Putin - can win the "battle" in this case.

In an interview with CBS, however, Trump said he would definitely ask Putin about Russian interference in the election. However, he once again blamed Barack Obama, who ruled the country during the election campaign. However, Trump did not give a clear answer regarding the possibility of requesting the extradition of the 12 Russian agents.

Analysts, however, say that it is not easy to make commitments in relation to the foreign policy of the two countries. On the issue of Ukraine at least, Trump is committed to the Minsk agreements, which were signed jointly by EU countries in 2014 and 2015. These agreements stipulate that in order to lift the economic sanctions against Moscow, Russia to change course in the Ukrainian. Moreover, Trump can not decide on his own without the consent of NATO member states.


Source: AlphaNews.live