The country where a woman is murdered every 3 hours

The rape plague - 100 every day


The civil violence that is beginning and is gaining momentum in our country, is shocking worldwide and is forcing governments around the world to take action, under the pressure of the world, which calls for such phenomena to be eliminated.

South Africa is the country where women are most at risk, according to official figures presented each year.

Specifically, 100 women are raped every day, while a woman is murdered every 3 hours.

"These numbers are a disgrace," South African President Cyril Ramafoza said in November, calling the violence "a pandemic in parallel" with the covid-19.

In fact, to the already tragic percentages, an increase of 7% has been added in the last two months, with 10.000 cases being officially registered with the police.

People have taken matters into their own hands, and women and men dressed in orange patrol, as soon as it gets dark, to help any woman in need.

The testimonies are creepy with the two most brutal murders taking place in the last two months.

Specifically, an 8-month-old pregnant woman, after being raped and beaten to death, was found hanging from a tree in a central location.

While a student was raped and killed, she was then dismembered and placed in a suitcase, which was left in a square with thousands of people.

In addition to daily patrols, 100 shelters have already been set up for women at risk of death, all on private initiative, and thousands of women have already sought refuge with signs of abuse evident in their bodies and especially in their souls.