USA: Frame-by-frame images of horror with 18-year-old cold-bloodedly killing 10 people [Hard images]

The motives of the perpetrator who broadcast the attack live are racist

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The racist attack of a young white American on a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, causes shock in the United States and around the world.

Armed with a machine gun and wearing a military uniform, the 18-year-old killed at least 10 people, most of them African Americans, before surrendering to police. The killer had attached to his helmet a camera with which he broadcast online on the internet the attack and the way in which he coldly selected and executed his victims. The images are very harsh.

Dressed in full military uniform, the manic killer arrives outside a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

A few seconds later he sows absolute terror in his passage. His horrific work is filmed with a camera in his helmet and broadcast live on the internet.

At least 10 dead

Whoever is in his diava falls dead on the spot from the fire of the firearm he has with him.

At least three women and a man are the first victims of his murderous rage in the store parking lot. Chaos and death inside the supermarket.

The only pause the maniac killer makes is to change the magazine of his rifle.

It does not show the slightest mercy. He even gives the gratuitous shot to his victims who are bleeding on the floor. Only one man escapes the butcher's delirium at the supermarket checkout.

A few minutes later the man in handcuffs is being held by the special percussion unit that rushed to the spot.

Surprised as well as shocked eyewitnesses who videotape the incident, they discover that he is a young man.

At least 10 people have lost their lives since the assassination of the butcher. A total of thirteen people came under fire. The store security guard, a retired police officer, tried unsuccessfully to stop him.

The perpetrator of the massacre is 18-year-old Python Gentron, who started in the 5.000-strong town on the border with Pennsylvania and drove for several hours before carrying out his heinous plan. buffalo 1 600x332 1 USA, buffalo

The 18-year-old's motives are racist

Authorities in the United States have found the 18-year-old, a far-right nationalist-type frenzy, posted on social media. Of the 13 people beaten, 11 are black. The majority of black families live in the area he chose to hit.

The young butcher's manifesto bears many similarities to that of the killer in Christchurch, New Zealand, who in March 2019 killed 51 people.

A few hours after the mass murder he committed, he appeared in court where he was charged with first-degree murder without bail.

His hearing will begin next Thursday and he faces multiple first-degree charges that in New York State amount to a life sentence without the right to apply for release. buffalo 2 600x400 1 USA, buffalo