Spain: Two dead from the passage of storm Bruno

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Two people died in Spain after the passage of the storm "Bruno" yesterday, Wednesday, while the strong gusts of wind kept an alarm a large part of the country, the rescue services announced.

A man has been killed after falling from the balcony of his home in the Catalan seaside resort of Segur de Calafell due to strong winds, Catalonia's public rescue service in northeastern Spain said on its Twitter account.

The Catalan emergency services received more than a thousand calls for help due to Hurricane Bruno, mainly in the coastal provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona.

Off the coast of Mallorca in the Mediterranean, a 47-year-old man drowned while surfing in an area that was on orange alert, the Balearic Islands rescue service announced. According to local newspapers, the man was unable to reach the shore due to the strong sea turbulence.

Eleven provinces were put on alert yesterday, according to the meteorological service, in northern Spain (Galicia, Basque Country, Asturias) and in the eastern country.

The winds were blowing at speeds of up to 120 km per hour and the waves were reaching ten meters. The strong winds caused the fall of road signs, tree branches and Christmas decorations.

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, strong winds with gusts of more than 150 km per hour swept Corsica, after the storm hit western France and caused light injuries to three people.

The French meteorological service in Upper Corsica sounded the orange alarm, which was maintained this morning in South Corsica, after such a storm that breaks out "only once or twice every five years in Corsica".