Study: Increased risk of severe Covid-19 and death for smokers

New research on smokers: Particularly increased risk of serious illness and death due to covid

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Smoking is very likely to worsen its severity Covid-19 and increase the risk of a patient dying, according to a new British scientific study, the first to reach this conclusion by combining observational and genetic data.

The researchers, led by Dr. Ashley Clift of the University of Oxford, who published the paper in the journal Thorax, studied data on 13.446 people who had been tested for coronavirus molecules. 1.649 tested positive, of which 968 needed hospitalization and 444 died from the infection. Covid-19.

59% of participants had never smoked, 37% were ex-smokers and only 4% were current smokers, of whom 71% smoked one to 20 cigarettes a day and 29% more than 20. It was found that, in relation to with non-smokers, current smokers were on average 80% more likely to be hospitalized and die due to Covid-19.

Genetic predisposition to smoking was then found to be associated with a 45% higher risk of infection Covid-19 and 60% higher risk of hospitalization due to coronavirus, as well as significantly increased risk of death. In fact, if there is a genetic predisposition for very frequent smoking, then the risk of coronavirus infection is more than doubled, the risk of hospitalization is increased fivefold and the risk of death from cancer is increased tenfold. Covid-19.

When the pandemic broke out in early 2020, there were controversial scientific estimates (by Greek researchers as well) that active smokers were less likely to end up in the hospital due to coronavirus than the general population, which was later refuted.

“The idea that smoking can protect against Covid-19, was always incredible. "A primarily lung pandemic should be the ideal time to focus people's minds on tobacco control," said Dr Anthony Laverty and Christopher Millett of Imperial College London in a commentary in the same medical journal.

"Our findings clearly show that smoking is associated with a serious risk Covid-19. Just as smoking affects the risk of cardiovascular disease, various cancers and other diseases associated with it, so does Covid. "So now is the time, as it always is, to quit smoking and smoking," said Dr. Clift.

Source: RES-EAP