A dead, from the wave of bad weather sweeping Portugal

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The bad weather - strong winds, thunderstorms in places - that hit northern Portugal on Sunday caused a car accident in which a woman lost her life, while two other people were slightly injured, according to the report published by the Civil Protection.

The victim is a 45-year-old woman, who was killed when a tree uprooted by a strong wind fell on her car in Marcus Canaves, near Porto, said a representative of the Civil Protection. The same accident also slightly injured two other people, riding in a vehicle that collided with the car of the unfortunate woman, the spokesman explained.

Heavy winds and torrential rains uprooted 389 trees and caused 37 floods, according to the Portuguese Civil Protection.

The Portuguese meteorological service warned that winds of up to 130 kilometers per hour will continue to occur in places in the north and central part of the country until later this Monday morning.

A wave of bad weather also hit Sunday and northern Europe, with snowfall causing widespread transport problems, both air and road, as well as power outages for thousands of households.