Small plane crashes into RV in Florida - Authorities say multiple victims

The pilot reported engine failure shortly before the crash

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A small plane crashed into a mobile home community in Clearwater, Florida, in the southeastern US on Thursday, killing several people, local authorities said.

"I can confirm that there are multiple casualties, both on the plane and in the campers," Scott Ehlers, the head of the local fire department, said during a press conference, without elaborating on the number of casualties.

The crash occurred at 19:00 yesterday afternoon local time (02:00 this morning Greek time) shortly after a nearby airport received a distress call from an aircraft in trouble, Ehlers added.

Firefighters rushed to the Bayside Waters community where residents live in mobile homes and were able to extinguish the fire caused by the plane crash.

At least three caravans were engulfed in flames and a fourth was hit when the plane crashed, he said. The residents of the other caravans left unharmed.

The small aircraft was a single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza V35, local media reported, citing the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The pilot reported engine failure shortly before the crash, the source said. It is not clear how many people were on the plane.