New Zealand: The largest parrot that ever lived has been discovered

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The remains of a super-sized parrot, more than half the height of the average human, who lived on Earth 19 million years ago, have been discovered by scientists in New Zealand. The parrot, judging by the size of the leg bones, would be about a meter tall and weigh up to seven kilograms, according to a report by an international team of paleontologists published in the latest issue of the journal Biology Letters.

Bones were discovered in 2008 but it took scientists eleven whole years to come to safe conclusions. The parrot was named Hercules to reflect the size and strength of the hero.

The bird must have been about the size of a giant dodo pigeon and twice its size.
The remains were found near St Bathany in southern New Zealand, an area that has been shown to be a rich source of fossils from about five million to 23 million years ago.

New Zealand is already home to the moa bird which was up to 3,6 meters tall but so far no one has discovered a giant parrot.

Source: KYPE