South Korea: Ten dead from typhoon Hinamnor

Typhoon Hinamnor kills XNUMX in South Korea

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Typhoon Hinamnor, which battered South Korea, has killed XNUMX people, authorities said today, after the extreme phenomenon brought high waves and heavy rain to the southern coast.

As it passed through the country earlier this week, the typhoon, one of the strongest to hit South Korea in decades, flooded roads and buildings.

In Poang Harbor (southeast), one of the worst-hit towns, seven bodies and two survivors were recovered from an underground parking lot of an apartment building that was completely flooded, the disaster prevention and response center said.

They were trapped when they went down to the parking lot to get their cars out during heavy rain, according to South Korean media.

Search and rescue operations are continuing today, with authorities saying two people are still missing.

Two more deaths were confirmed today, in Poang and the inland city of Zhongju, where a resident died when a landslide hit his home, authorities said.

Yesterday Tuesday, a septuagenarian died in Poang when she was swept away by water.

The typhoon forced more than 4.700 people from their homes and damaged or destroyed some 12.000 homes and other buildings.

Nearly 90.000 households experienced power outages due to the outage, but power was restored to most by this morning, authorities said.

Before the typhoon made landfall, the government ordered more than 600 schools to close as a precaution and airlines canceled 250 domestic flights.

Source: RES-EAP