Donald Trump: "Whoever has no borders, has no country"

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In a new post on Twitter, US President Donald Trump is trying to justify his controversial immigration policies. 

He cites figures from Germany and says that since the day immigrants were accepted into the country, the crime rate has risen by 10%. In fact, addressing America itself, he states: "Be smart, America".  

It is noted that Germany is on the verge of a political crisis over "immigration".


Continuing he mentions features: 

"Whoever has no borders, does not even have a country."

He blamed his political opponents, saying "this is the problem" and that Democrats "do not care about the problem of crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they are". He does not hesitate to state that they can not win with their political positions and that is why they consider immigrants as their future voters.

Stating that all those who enter America illegally and at the same time should be arrested, he cites statistics, according to which 10.000 children are sent by their parents on a very dangerous journey, while only 2.000 are accompanied by their parents, in order to try to enter illegally in the country.  

It is recalled that UN Spokesman Stefan Duzaric, referring to the policy applied at the US border, which has led to the separation of nearly 2000 children from their parents, said that children should not be psychologically traumatized by separating them from their parents.


Finally, he called on Congress to change immigration laws, which he called "ridiculous" and "outdated," citing America's border security.