David and Goliath: The Ukrainian-Russian military forces in numbers

Russia is militarily superior but Ukraine has more passion

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According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the two countries are like him David and Goliath.

Detailed details:

Defense spending: Ukraine spent $ 4,7 billion in 2021, almost 1/10 of the $ 45.8 billion. of Russia in nuclear weapons.

Troops: Russia has 900.000 active-duty personnel in its Armed Forces and 2 million reserves. Respectively, Ukraine has 196.000 and 900.000 reserves. In terms of ground forces, Moscow has a double advantage, with 280.000 troops over 125.600 in Kiev. And its aviation is almost five times stronger, with 165.00 to 35.000 Ukrainian.

Overall, it is estimated that Moscow has about 200.000 staff within and within the borders of Ukraine.

Weapons and vehiclesRussia has more than 15.857 armored combat vehicles, compared to 3.309 in Ukraine. It also has more than ten times as many aircraft - 1.391 out of 128 in Kiev and 821 helicopters out of 55, including Navy aircraft. Still, Moscow has 49 submarines, while Kiev has none.

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Although Russia is superior numerically in all military areas, the Ukrainians seem to be fighting with more passion.

According to experts monitoring the situation, the Ukrainian troops are enduring more than they believed in Moscow, showing greater militancy and courage in the protect his homes and families.