Death rehearsal for Queen Elizabeth (VIDEO)

det queen QUEEN ELIZABETH, Death

By Maria Tsangari

What will happen if Queen Elizabeth dies?

As unbelievable as it sounds, this scenario is preoccupying from now on ... macabre meetings under the Prime Minister David Lidington, with the participation of the Minister of the Interior, the Speaker of the Parliament and other officials. according to the Times on Sunday.

Under the code Castle Dove, the death rehearsal may have taken place, according to the British media, as the queen felt unwell last week and canceled her official appearances.

The ministers also reportedly discussed the succession, after a meeting of the 600 members of the Crown Council.

There is a very detailed plan for what will happen when the 92-year-old monarch dies.

The announcement will be made by the BBC after first informing specific country leaders, including those of the Commonwealth.

A 10-day mourning period will be declared with a public funeral of her body at Westminster Hall with the day of the funeral and coronation of the new monarch also being a holiday.

Public services are rolling down the aisle, with costs estimated at between 1.2 6 billion and XNUMX XNUMX billion by Business Insider.

The queen's funeral has been planned since 1960.

However, she says she is very prosperous, and traveled to Scotland for the Hollywood celebrations.