Shocking video: Police shoot 22-year-old in Chicago (BINTEO)

He was shot in the back with four bullets

Shocking video: Police shoot 22-year-old in Chicago

Disgusting and angry is another video that was released that shows police in the US chasing a 22-year-old man on foot and shooting him in the back with four bullets.

The incident took place in Chicago on March 31, only the visual material now saw the light of day and at the request of the young man's relatives.

The video shows police chasing a young man they believe is holding a gun [something that is not clear from the video] and shouting at him to throw it. He continues to run and eventually receives several bullets in the back.

According to the American media, the young man's last words were: "why are you shooting me". He was immediately taken to hospital but later succumbed to his injuries.

The police officers who were involved have been made available and, according to an official announcement, the case is being investigated while the mayor of Chicago appealed for calm.