Trump's "tweets" have raised the price of oil by $ 10

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Oil prices have risen by at least $ 10, according to US President Donald Trump's tweets, Iranian Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) governor Hussein Kazempour Ardabili said today. 


According to the SHANA news agency, the Iranian OPEC commander stated:

"Your tweets have increased prices by at least $ 10. "Please stop this practice."

He also said Trump was trying to escalate tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia and called on the United States to join forces with other major powers in tomorrow's meeting with Iran.

It is noteworthy that so far US President Donald Trump has posted on his personal twitter account, more than 38 thousand posts.


It is recalled that the US President yesterday, once again through his personal twitter account, accused the OPEC member countries of increasing oil prices and demanded that they reverse the trend.