Four Russian fighter jets violated Swedish airspace

The breach of Swedish airspace occurred east of the island of Gotland

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Four russian fighters aircraft violated Swedish airspace over the Baltic Sea, the Swedish Armed Forces General Staff said, following the latter's military assistance to Ukraine and Russia's threats with "political and military consequences" if it moves to join the NATO.

"In the light of the latest developments, we are taking this incident very seriously," said a statement posted on the Swedish Armed Forces' official website.

The breach of Swedish airspace occurred east of the island of Gotland, the same statement said.

Military assistance to Ukraine

It is noted that Sweden has sent military aid to Ukraine, which includes anti-tank weapons, helmets and body armor.

"Sweden now offers immediate support to Ukraine's armed forces. "This includes 135.000 battle units, 5.000 helmets, 5.000 body armor and 5.000 anti-tank weapons," the country's prime minister said a few days ago.

"Sweden's decision is unprecedented since 1939, when the country helped Finland, which was under attack by the USSR," she told a news conference.

Russia's threats of 'political and military consequences'

Russia has previously threatened Sweden with "serious military and political repercussions" if the country moves to join NATO.

Russia's tension with Sweden, however, had preceded the war in Ukraine. Due to Moscow's strained relations with NATO, Stockholm deployed dozens of armed soldiers on the streets of Visby, a seaside town on the Baltic island of Gotland, on January 15.

This was an unusual move by the Nordic country, decided due to the increased "Russian activity" in the region.

In fact, about 10 armored vehicles and dozens of armed soldiers were seen patrolling the streets of Visby that day.

According to the armed forces, the deployment of the army was decided after three Russian amphibious vessels crossed the Baltic that week, crossing the Greater Denmark Zone, amid the tense climate in Russia's relations with NATO.

"The armed forces are taking the necessary measures to ensure Sweden's territorial integrity and to demonstrate our ability to protect Sweden and Swedish interests," Defense Minister Peter Hultkvist said in an email on 15/1/2022. sent to the French Agency.