The Aegean plane was chasing the 25-year-old who caused panic in Hanover

1459114 panikos aerodromio anovero AIRCRAFT

He had taken drugs

An alarm was sounded yesterday for the incident that was transmitted internationally by emergency, regarding a vehicle that broke through the gate of Hanover airport and reached the runway.   

Today it is revealed that the young man was "chasing" an Aegean Airlines aircraft and was under the influence of drugs. According to Deutsche Welle and the Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper, a 25-year-old man driving a silver BMW broke through the airport gate.   

According to the same information, the man tried to follow the aircraft that was landing with the car and according to the report, it was the flight of the Aegean A3 812 from Athens that landed around 3:30 pm. local time. 

 The passengers of flight A3 812 were, however, asked to remain on the aircraft for precautionary reasons until the car was removed from the security authorities. According to the federal police, the BMW was stopped by a patrol car. The perpetrator was under the influence of cocaine and amphetamines, as shown by a first drug detection test. However, because he did not have an identity card with him, the authorities are able to ascertain his age. The car had Polish license plates, but according to the local press, the driver claimed that he was not Polish, but from another European country.   

The incident caused panic, all landings and take-offs were stopped for safety reasons, while all the planes that were in the process of approaching Hanover were taken to other airports in the area.