Britain: Boris Johnson "does not consider that he has broken the law"

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not consider that he has violated the law

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The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not consider that he has violated the law, but it is right for the police to investigate the accusations of violations of the lockdown rules in Downing Street, a spokesman said today.

"The Prime Minister believes that it is absolutely right to investigate these issues," the spokesman said, adding that "everyone will cooperate fully with the investigation, the launch of which was announced earlier today by Scotland Yard."

Asked if Boris Johnson thought he had broken the law, his spokesman said: "I have to say no."

At the same time, the British MPs were called to wait for the results of the investigations carried out by the police and the top public official, when asked if the Downing Street parties violated the lockdown rules, by the unsecured Minister of the British Government Michael Ellis.

"The investigation of the Presidency of the Government will continue. "I urge the House of Commons to wait for the findings of this investigation and the police to complete their work," Michael Ellis told the House.

Scotland Mayor Yard Cresinda Dick has announced that she is investigating information about a series of parties at Prime Minister Boris Johnson's residence and offices on Downing Street during a severe lockdown to deal with her pandemic. Covid-19 with the question of the violation of restrictive measures.

"I confirm that the Metropolitan Police are investigating a number of incidents on Downing Street and in government departments over the past two years with the question of possible breaches of restrictive measures for Covid-19", Announced Crescent Dick, shortly after the British media published the information about the beginning of a police investigation.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office said that the investigation into the rallies at the residence and offices of Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Downing Street would continue, despite the announcement by Scotland Yard to launch an investigation into the matter. "There is constant contact with the services of the Metropolitan Police," he added.

The British media comment that the publication of the conclusion of the investigation of the public servant Sue Gray, which was expected within the week, is likely to be delayed until the completion of the police investigation.

The British police sent a written request to the service conducting the investigation for additional information on the findings of the prime minister's parties.

"The Metropolitan Police have made a formal written request to the Prime Minister to provide any information they have gathered from their investigation into the incident in support of the police investigation," Scotland Yard said in a statement.

Source: RES-EAP