1,500 face protection shields from the Committee of Occupied Municipalities

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The Municipalities of Akanthos, Kyrenia, Kythrea, Lapithos, Lefkonikos and Lysis have contributed the amount of € 1.000 each, ie the total amount of € 6.000, for the purposes of dealing with the pandemic.

An announcement by the Committee of Occupied Municipalities states that after consultation with OKYPY, this amount has been allocated for the order of 1.500 high quality face shields, which are a kind of basic necessity for health professionals who are at the forefront of it. battle and will be delivered as soon as possible.

The Committee of Occupied Municipalities again calls on everyone to respectfully adhere to the restrictive measures taken by the State for the common good, "despite the desire of all of us to adhere to religious traditions and to spend these Holy Days with family and friends."

Source: autodioikisi