2nd year Christmas in hospital for little Nikola-Help for treatment

It was shortly before Christmas when 4-year-old Nicholas was diagnosed with metastatic neuroblastoma (stage 4 cancer).

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It was shortly before Christmas when 4-year-old Nicholas was diagnosed with metastatic neuroblastoma (stage 4 cancer). It was the first Christmas away from family, friends and the warmth of home. A year and many treatments after, little Nicholas continues to fight the biggest battle of his life from Germany.

But he never stopped smiling, his father, Steven Sophocles, told SigmaLive.

"Nicholas has been fighting for a year now. With his diagnosis, he underwent 8 chemotherapy treatments at Makareio Hospital. From then until today he is in Germany for special treatment. Nicholas never stopped smiling at us, he is very brave and that is what I would like to convey to the world. "He must never lose hope," he said.

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The family made a difficult decision for Nicholas to travel to the USA to receive a trial vaccine that costs 250.000 euros and asks for our help.

In her message through the Nicholas The Brave - Fighting against Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer page, Nikolas's family states:

We wish you all a Merry Christmas We want to thank you all for how much you support us in this difficult journey that our Nicholas is facing so early in his life. Being healthy is the best Christmas present one can have.

While this day was a family day for us - as well as for the whole world - this will be the second Christmas that Nicholas is in the hospital without his father and brother. The 3rd cycle of immunotherapy started yesterday, on Christmas day, despite the fact that his red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells are still low. The treatment will last, and this time, for 10 days where he will be given the immunotherapy drug plus the other painkillers, so that his body does not suffer.

Our Nicholas is not the only child in the hospital. Unfortunately, there are so many other kids fighting their own battles to stay alive. If you can, pray for these children too. For all these kids who these days had to open presents and spend time with friends and relatives, rather than being in the hospital fighting for their lives. Unfortunately, in this ugly journey we are on, we also saw many children who also suffer from Neuroblastoma who unfortunately lost the battle. For these parents, this season, which should be the most beautiful time of the year, is the most difficult. Our thoughts are with them.

Nicholas is now 5 years old and understands a lot. But he does not understand why he can not be at home at Christmas. He asked us why he was away from home, and he cried. How do you explain to your 5 year old that this is not happening and, not only can he not be home on Christmas day, but he has to go to the hospital for his next treatment? The mental pain caused by this disease is sometimes so intense that it is difficult to understand.

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