A. Neophytou: "Everything is the fault of the General Secretary of AKEL and now he is to blame for the name of his party"

The President of DISY commented on AKEL's reaction to the name it will bear on the ballot of the parliamentary elections

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Everything is the fault of the General Secretary of AKEL and now the name of his party is his fault, said today the President of DISY, Averof Neophytou, commenting on the reaction of AKEL for the name that he will bring to the ballot of the parliamentary elections.

In statements in Limassol, on the sidelines of a meeting with the TechIsland Association, Mr. Neophytou said that "with the time that Andros Kyprianou took, that everything was his fault, the name of his party was also to blame".

"It is unheard of in the world for a party leader to protest, to tear his clothes because he will run in the elections in the name of his party", he continued and wondered whether AKEL will demand compensation from millions of taxpayers, because he will run in the name of AKE in the elections.

In addition, said the President of DISY, AKEL "threatens to make us in Cyprus what Trump did in America, to go to court to paralyze the state. What else can I say;".

In connection with his meeting with the TechIsland Association, in Limassol, Averof Neophytou expressed his satisfaction "because we see technology and innovation companies, from abroad, trusting Cyprus as their base".

"It is proving in practice that our country can become an attractive and competitive destination for foreign companies, but also for domestic companies in the field of technology to flourish," he added.

Finally, he stated that "this is the path we must follow, through the innovation and the necessary reforms of the recovery fund, we are laying a solid foundation to build our vision, on the new development model for tomorrow's Cyprus, seriously and responsibility ".

Thanking the President of DISY, the President of the Association, Stylianos Lambrou, said that the TechIsland Association represents more than 100 technology companies with over 10.000 employees in Cyprus and looks forward to an open dialogue with the Government "so that we can do the Cyprus is a tech island and to have a competitive advantage abroad ".

Moreover, the member of the Association Alexey Gubarev, who comes from Russia and is the founder of several companies, said that he, in the many years he has lived permanently on the island, has realized the prospects of our country for further development of this industry.