Concern in Three Olives: They send a test team to all residents

The Divine Liturgy of August 15 in the Community was performed by the Metropolitan of Morphou

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The community leader, Christoforos Ioannidis, expressed his anxiety about the possible spread of the virus in the community of the Three Olives after the Divine Liturgy by the Metropolitan of Morphou.

Among other things, he referred to what happened on Sunday (15/8), explaining that the Metropolitan had told him that he would hold the service three weeks before, despite the concerns they had about the increase that the attendance of the faithful would have.

He added that "the church was very crowded but most of them wore masks, while there were also believers outside the church. As soon as he arrived, the Metropolitan had sat outside the church because he was not feeling well. He then entered the church to continue the service. What worries us is that the people ran to get the retribution and kissed the hand of the Metropolitan. That fact must be taken into account. "

At the end of the divine service, a meal was served to the Metropolitan, but the hall was quite large and 25-30 people were present in the area, including the mayor.

He added that they learned from the media that the Metropolitan was diagnosed positive in the coronavirus and an upset ensued.

He pointed out that he visited all the residents of the village and so far no positive case has been identified. They also contacted the competent Ministry, which requested information about the people who attended. The Ministry of Health assured the mayor that he will send a team to test all the residents of the Three Olives this afternoon.

Source: Sigmalive