Metropolitan of Morphou: He is not going to the Archbishop's enthronement - Violent attack on Zelensky

Metropolitan Morphou prefers to stay in his "humble cell" rather than go to the enthronement of the new Archbishop of Cyprus, while he prays for the persecuted metropolitans of Ukraine by the troops of its "Khazar" president

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The Metropolitan of Morphou (photo, above) will not attend the enthronement of the Archbishop of Cyprus George, while launching a fierce attack on the "Khazar" president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

He prefers the "humble cell"

As regards the enthronement of the new Archbishop of Cyprus, Morphou conveys his wishes for a "good consolidation" in his duties, but prefers to remain in his "humble cell".

"We inform the pious Christ-named crew of the Church of Cyprus, that His Eminence the Metropolitan of Morphou Mr. Neophytos would like to attend the enthronement ceremony of His Beatitude Archbishop of Cyprus Mr. George on Sunday, 08.01.2023, but he prefers to remain in his humble cell, praying , both for His Beatitude of Cyprus, and for the trial His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, Mr. Onufrio," states a statement from the Morphou diocese.

"He's butchered"

It is also noted, "for those who do not know, that the Professor of the Lavra of the Caves of Kiev, Metropolitan of Vysgorod and Chernobyl Mr. Pavlos, as well as his entourage, these days are particularly tested, threatened and persecuted by the troops of the Khazar president of Ukraine Mr. Zelensky. In fact, an Orthodox priest of the canonical Church of Kiev has already been massacred."

It is added that "As Metropolitan Paul specifically mentioned in the speech, from the evening of December 31, 2022, it has been forbidden for the regular Ukrainian Orthodox Church to hold Holy Masses in the "upper" Lavra, in the temple, in the Bank of the Monastery and in the temple of the Assumption , with the result that the operation of the famous Lavra of the Caves of Kiev, which is going through an over-thousand-year sanctified historical course, is threatened.

And the announcement concludes with the wishes of the metropolis of Morphou for "good confirmation to His Beatitude Archbishop of Cyprus Mr. George, enlightenment and support from above in his diverse pastoral duties, and God's help to the multi-faceted Ukrainian Orthodox Church".

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