Traffic cameras and strict penalties are slow

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The arrival of cameras on the streets is referred to in the long run, while the issue of increasing the penalties for serious traffic violations that has been pending in Parliament for months, does not seem to be implemented soon.

Despite the fact that lives are lost almost every day on the streets, however, two weapons in the hands of the Traffic Police that will help reduce accidents, are delayed. As the Minister of Transport Giannis Karousos stated yesterday, the issue of the photo-labeling system (the well-known cameras) is before the Revision Authority of Bids for evaluation and it is expected that at the end of August and the beginning of September, the bid will be awarded. As it is known, five bids were submitted for the project by companies for amounts much lower than those calculated by the contracting Authority, which is the Department of Electromechanical Services.

Mr. Karousos set the horizon for the first half of 2021 to begin the installation of the first phase of the cameras, if everything goes according to schedule and no appeals and other procedures are registered that cause delays. "The ministry and I are personally running the issue," he added. Immediately after the evaluation, said Mr. Karousos, both the successful company and those who failed should be informed about the possibility of filing an appeal. At the same time, he reminded that the authorities have at their disposal several tools to combat fatal traffic accidents, such as increasing penalties, banning the movement of articulated vehicles on Sundays and medical examination of drivers who are found to have consumed alcohol.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Director of Traffic Headquarters, Haris Evripidou, pointed out yesterday that the installation of light-emitting cameras will help, along with the other measures, in the prevention of fatal road collisions and pointed out the individual responsibility of drivers, as the day before yesterday to a large extent in the human factor.

As he characteristically stated, "I hope that this summer will not pass and that September and October will come for the Parliament to proceed with the voting of the new measures", implying that the Traffic Police wants to promote the increase of traffic fines soon. violations, but also the installation of traffic cameras. In fact, he was obviously annoyed and wondered "how long have we been talking about this. We are really tired. "They will certainly not solve the problem, but we must have the penalties and then apply them."

As "F" wrote, the intention of the Parliament is to approve the increase of the penalties within July, but to give a period of two - three months to the drivers to get acquainted and then to implement.

Source: Sigmalive