PtD greeting at the laying of the foundation stone of the New Cyprus Museum

The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, delivered a greeting at the laying of the foundation stone of the New Cyprus Museum

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The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, delivered a greeting at the laying of the foundation stone of the New Cyprus Museum on Monday, January 23, 2022.

His speech is the same:

It is really with great satisfaction and emotion that I lay the foundation stone of the New Cyprus Museum, on a truly historic day for our homeland.

And I have mentioned a historic day because like any modern country that respects and honors its history and culture, Cyprus finally gets its own National Museum.

A National Monument that protects and highlights the rich cultural heritage, but also the interesting historical evolution of our homeland, with the sole concern of informing the present and future generations about the roots of the formation of our identity as Cypriot Hellenism.

A National Museum worthy of the history and culture of our homeland and which, by hosting the archaeological treasures of the place and highlighting the new findings of the ongoing excavations, will be a point of reference, upgrading the local, as well as the museum and cultural map.

An iconic national archaeological museum that all Cypriot citizens will be proud of, as it will be on a par with museums in other European countries, which highlight the history of their peoples through modern and functional museum spaces and cultural activities.

A National Museum which will give a new identity and value to the area near its historical center within the walls of Old Nicosia with a multitude of other Museums of special interest and themes.

It is worth noting that the need to create a new National Museum was recognized and a decision was taken in 1973.

The Government, recognizing the multiple benefits that would result from its creation, not only in relation to the preservation of one of the largest collections of Cypriot archeology in the Eastern Mediterranean, but also the consequent benefits that would result from attracting visitors, local and foreign, with the exit from the economic crisis, he proceeded to announce a tender for the construction of the National Museum.

I have to admit that since the day the tender was awarded, there have been delays and postponements in the start of construction of one of the biggest development projects and the most emblematic project of highlighting the rich culture of our long history.

Delays resulting from bureaucratic and technocratic procedures, due to the complexity of the project, but also due to the pandemic which did not allow as much progress as we would like after the award.

Despite this, the most important thing is that today we are in a position to establish the new National Museum, the cost of construction of which will amount to 144 million euros and which is expected to be completed within 42 months.

Equally important, and I have to mention it, is that the cost of the project is fully budgeted in both the current and the next budgets until its completion and therefore, it will in no way affect the surplus of 500 million euros that we will hand over to the next Government.

Suffice it to note that the more than 6,5 thousand exhibits that the Museum will have are divided into three distinct, spatial and meaningful units, in a way that will reveal the centuries-old history of our country, as well as its unbroken relationship with the sea element.

The most important thing is that the presentation of these three units will be done through a modern museological narrative, giving the possibility of an experiential and participatory visit to the general public, as well as researchers.

I also point out that the New Cyprus Museum, in addition to the permanent and periodic exhibition spaces, will include the necessary modern facilities for the maintenance of the works, workshops, a library, as well as event and recreation spaces.

In this context, beyond its historical and cultural importance, the targeted location of the Museum, in combination with the rest of the landscape works, will further upgrade the already regenerated image of the urban fabric of the Municipality of Nicosia, which the Mayor is well aware of how much the Government has contributed to today to be distinguished as the real capital of the state.

The construction of the New Cyprus Museum, the state's most important investment in cultural infrastructure in decades, is added to the set of other projects and actions that we have adopted, with the aim of preserving our special cultural heritage, but also highlighting and supporting modern culture us.

In addition to the project we are establishing today, I also highlight other projects that have either been promoted or are in the process of being implemented, with a total budget of more than 38 million euros, concerning, among others:


• The establishment of the Local Archaeological Museum of Ledra.

• The upgrading of the Archaeological Museums of the Paphos and Larnaca Districts.

• The unification of the archaeological sites of Paphos and Larnaca.

• The creation of the Enalia Archeology Center in Larnaca.

At the same time, recognizing that culture is a public good to which all citizens must have access, participate and enjoy equally, a government decision instituted free entry to Museums under the jurisdiction of the Department of Antiquities.

I also note that a significant number of ancient monuments, such as monasteries, churches, chapels have been upgraded and restored in recent years.

In closing, let me congratulate the Minister of Transport and his former colleagues, the Directorate of the Department of Antiquities. all the relevant bodies and all those who worked so that we are today in a position to establish this magnificent project.

I also congratulate the architect Theoni Xanthi and her colleagues for the innovative design of the Museum, as well as the joint venture "Iacovou - Cyfield Joint Venture", in which the construction of the project has been secured.

I feel really proud of what has been shown and it shows that we will have one of the most contemporary masterpieces that will honor both the architect and the jury that made the decision.

Addressing the contractors and those involved, I note that I have no doubt that you will work with the same zeal, in order for the Museum to be delivered within the schedules and to become the property of the citizens, scholars, researchers and all the zealots of our culture and history .