CovScan Cyprus: Clarifications of the Ministry of Health for automated control of citizens

The announcement of the Ministry of Health

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Clarifications for the automated control of citizens from December 18 through the CovScan Cyprus application are given in an announcement by the Ministry of Health.

Specifically, it is reported that, in view of the decision of the Council of Ministers to enter from December 15 to persons who received a dose of the vaccine with additional negative laboratory test PCR or Rapid test in indoor and outdoor stadiums, theaters, cinemas, theaters, music and dance , nightclubs, restaurants and social events (weddings, baptisms), from 15 to 17 December, these people will be checked by showing the vaccination card, in printed or digital form (without the need to scan the certificate vaccination) and the scanning of the European Digital Certificate for PCR or Rapid test.

The automated control of the above individuals and individuals for whom 7 months have passed since the completion of their vaccination regimen and who have not received a booster dose of vaccine, will be implemented from December 18 with the introduction of an additional color indicator (purple).

Citizens who have completed their vaccination regimen or received the booster dose of the vaccine, or have become ill, it is clarified, the control will be done normally through the CovScan Cyprus application, the Ministry of Health states in its announcement and finally adds that more information will be given by the Ministry of Research and Innovation in the coming days.