Dr. Karagiannis for coronavirus pill: These monotherapies worry me (BINTEO)

Dr. Karagiannis for coronavirus pill: These monotherapies worry me

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The cases in Cyprus seem to be in a stable situation.

Petros Karagiannis spoke at Mesimeri kai Kati, who referred to the third installment of the epidemiological situation in the country but also to the possible use of a pill against covid-19.

Specifically for the third dose, he said the following: "It is not obligatory, it concerns the elderly people who need to be shielded a little more because they were vaccinated first and their immunity has deteriorated over time".

Then, as for the cases, he stressed that we are on the right track.

"We are well on our way if one thinks that September is the month of all of us returning to our activities. We hope that the weather will give us time to increase the vaccination coverage in all age groups and especially in the youngest, ie from 12 years and over ".

He also explained that the vaccine is not offered to children under 12 years of age and that he needs special attention when the weather gets cold and the windows are closed.

"Then we may see an outbreak, but if the virus is not circulating in the community I see no reason why children should be vaccinated," said Dr. Karagiannis.
Referring to the clinical trials for a pill against covid, he said:

"I do not know if this pill is antiviral, I guess it is different there is no other way to protect someone.

These monotherapies worry me because when you are dealing with a virus that mutates it can cause resistance. We have seen this in the case of HIV and hepatitis in the early stages where a drug was used and the development of resistance was rapid. That is why today we use cocktails of drugs that beat the virus in different places and can not develop a reaction to all at once.

"Using something precautionary can destroy this drug as a weapon."

Source: Sigmalive