Dr. Pana: February is not a month that will favor many changes (vid)

"The question is not to see a similar increase in hospitalizations"

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Even in February, there are no significant differences in relation to the pandemic, said at noon and Kati the Lecturer of Pediatrics at the European University of Cyprus and member of the Advisory Scientific Committee (SCC) of the Ministry of Health, Zoe Dorothea Pana.

He explained that due to specific factors, we expect to have infections in the community. But "the question is not to see a corresponding increase in hospitalizations."

He believes that relaxation should be done very carefully and very gradually. He expects the outbreak to have its downward phase, but the transmissibility, the winter and the coronavirus strains do not help the situation. "In the meantime, we are trying with the tools we have to keep a balance," he said.

He pointed out that it is a bit difficult to estimate when the cases will fall. However, he said that February, due to seasonality, is not a month that will favor many changes.