Two weeks of mandatory quarantine for Cypriots traveling to the UK

British Foreign Office advises British citizens against any unnecessary trip to Cyprus

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The British Government has decided to impose the obligation of self-isolation for 14 days on travelers flying from Cyprus to the United Kingdom from next Sunday, due to increased cases of coronavirus.

The Minister of Transport, Grand Saps, as every Thursday, announced via Twitter the countries that are removed from the list of Travel Corridors of the British Government, with Cyprus and Lithuania being excluded from this "green" list.

The new policy for arrivals from Cyprus will take effect from 4 am local time on Sunday.

The data are evaluated by the competent British authorities every week.

As is the usual practice in these cases, the British Foreign Office also renewed the travel recommendation for Cyprus, advising British citizens against any unnecessary trip to Cyprus.

It does not, however, recommend an immediate return for those Britons who have already traveled to Cyprus.