Extraordinary Home Tourism Support Plan - All information

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The launch of the Extraordinary Plan for the Support of Domestic Tourism was announced by the Ministry of Tourism with the primary purpose of encouraging the realization of holidays in Cyprus.

According to an announcement of the Ministry of State, the Plan approved by the Council of Ministers, is addressed to permanent residents of Cyprus and includes the provision of affordable prices from tourist accommodation and the granting of part of the cost of accommodation to the citizens who will use it.

The main purpose of the Plan is to strengthen all local businesses, through the increased traffic that is expected to be generated in various parts of the country, and the fact that the tourist accommodation that will participate in the Plan, are obliged, at the prices they will offer , to provide breakfast only.

According to the Ministry of State, the general objectives of the Plan are to extend the tourist season and to acquaint Cypriots with the beauties of our homeland in various areas of the island.

Based on the estimates of the State Department, it is expected that the Plan will help reduce the recession in the economy and maintain employment, in the difficult situation that the world economy is going through due to the coronavirus.

As for the practical details of the Plan, this will last from September 1 to November 30, 2020. It includes Tourist Accommodations (Hotels, Organized Apartments, Tourist Villages, Gîte - Self Catering), which offer for the month of September the maximum price of 80 euros with breakfast for double room per night, for the month of October the maximum price of 70 euros with breakfast for double room per night and for the month of November the maximum price of 60 euros with breakfast for double room per night.

In addition, the Plan provides for the coverage of 25% of the accommodation costs by the State Department, including the charges for children, who will live in the same room with their parents.

The two nights are set as the minimum stay for the use of the above prices.

In conclusion, the State Department requests the public to communicate directly with the tourist accommodation included in the special list posted on the website of the Ministry of Tourism (https://www.visitcyprus.com/domestic-tourism-2020) or with travel organizers.

Finally, the announcement reminds that the program "Small getaways to your measures" is also in force, through which travel packages in Cyprus are offered by travel organizers. The packages include the provision of vouchers worth 20 euros each, for their redemption in restaurants