While they were being vaccinated, they finally came up with - Doctor's prosecution for fake vaccines

What are the difficulties in the case

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With the suggestion that the case with the doctor in Larnaca who allegedly issued a fake SafePass be taken to Court, the police file was forwarded to the Legal Service last Friday.

The investigators of TAE Larnaca completed their investigations and sent the file with the investigative work to the TAE of the Police Headquarters and from there to the General Prosecutor's Office for study and instructions. Information from "F" states that the investigators suggest as the specific doctor is prosecuted for the two cases of persons who, while being vaccinated, became ill and finally ended up. The case is legally considered difficult, as it is based on heard testimony, however this can be accepted in court proceedings, hence the suggestion that criminal proceedings be instituted.

As it turned out, These two persons, before being intubated and finally concluding, had reported either to their relatives or to hospital staff, that in the end they had not been vaccinated. This, although it is considered as a hearing testimony, is nevertheless judged as an element that will be counted in the Legal Service for making the final decision.

As for the cases of people who were declared vaccinated by the doctor but some of those who underwent specialized blood tests, it was found that they had no antibodies, no hypothesis seems to be substantiated, as it is difficult to scientifically prove that this is due to non vaccination.

The 53-year-old doctor was questioned about this issue, but also about the two who fell ill with coronavirus and after a fight ended up in the hospital, who did not admit anything.

Investigators investigated him, as he was told in court when He was charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, conspiracy to commit a crime, forgery of an official document, circulation of a forged document, securing false registration, negligent acts causing bodily harm and breaches of the General System with agents suggesting corruption. However, whether the case will be brought before a court and on what charges will be decided by the Legal Service.