Ioannou: "Since we do not have a reduction, how can we go to relaxation" - The Minister showed the way for the holidays

What did he say about the existing measures

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Although no final decisions have been made regarding what will happen with the measures in Cyprus, since we do not have a reduction of cases, how to go to relaxation, the Minister of Health Konstantinos Ioannou asked speaking to AICHMES, indirectly confirming that it is very difficult on the 14th of the month to proceed the ministry with the decree for Christmas relaxation.

Characteristically, Mr. Ioannou pointed out:

"We do not have any deterioration or substantial reduction. "Since we did not see a reduction, how can we relax?"

However, according to the Minister, no final decision has been made yet. He was informed about what was done. We will meet again tomorrow. In the coming days, although I do not expect a substantial improvement in the data, we will make final decisions.

Regarding the measures that have been decided and are already in force, the Minister said:  

There was never a question of money in relation to the measures in Cyprus. The measures we took in all the provinces were the appropriate ones based on the current situation in Cyprus. If you ask me afterwards yes. The measures in the other provinces did not perform as expected.

We have been making appeals to the world for three months now. The measures are as effective as people can follow. To avoid going into something worse let us follow the measures and be patient. We are all tired. When you take a measure you apply it where it can be practically applied, as for the mask. Admittedly, this may not apply in some cases.

There has been a lot of publicity about the subject of the mask. Keep it and it does not matter. Let's see the result.

Source: OMEGA