Contents: Dozens of arrests for a criminal organization

Dozens of arrests in occupied territories and Turkey as part of investigations into the "Deveziler" criminal organization

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26 suspects were arrested in the occupied territories and Turkey, including Jumali Incesoy, leader of the "Deveziler" criminal organization, according to the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot media.

The teams of the Adana Province Security Directorate to fight smuggling and organized crime increased the number of arrests to 41 with the arrest of one more wanted suspect in the context of the operation that took place in Adana, Istanbul, Nevsehir, Adep and in the occupied territories.
At the heart of the operation is an armed criminal organization involved in many crimes and offenses such as the murder of 5 people, causing "intentional bodily harm", theft and deprivation of personal liberty.

Police are continuing their efforts to arrest 5 suspects, for whom arrest warrants were issued as part of the investigation.
In the past period, the Adana Security Directorate for the fight against smuggling and organized crime started the technical and physical surveillance of members of an armed criminal organization involved in many crimes.

On December 23, an operation was carried out with the support of the special operations police in 58 addresses in Adana, Istanbul, Nevsehir, Adep and the occupied territories.

Along with dozens of arrests in Turkey and occupied territories, the Turkish police also seized two Kalashnikov rifles, 36 pistols, including 3 machine guns, 7 shotguns, bullets, jamming devices and drugs.