Greece: The 16-year-old who shot himself, his mother gave birth, is leaving the ICU

The 16-year-old shot himself when he realized that he killed his uncle during a hunt - The 16-year-old's mother gave birth to a very healthy baby girl

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The miracle that the doctors hoped for the return of 16-year-old Giannis came true.

The young man, on the day of his celebration, was intubated and within the next few hours is expected to leave the Intensive Care Unit to continue his treatment in a ward of the surgery clinic of Arta Hospital.

In addition to the course of John's health, his family in their mourning for the uncle who lost his life received another joyful event. The mother of the 16-year-old recently gave birth to a very healthy baby girl.

The 16-year-old, who had shot himself when he realized that he had killed his beloved uncle George during a wild boar hunt in the mountains of Arta, was hospitalized in critical condition until just 24 hours ago.

According to information, the process of waking him up in the hospital of the city where he is being treated was successfully completed. The process for the 16-year-old started yesterday, Wednesday, at 12 noon and unfolded well throughout the day. At night, the process was interrupted and continued on Thursday morning with the 16-year-old waking up.

According to the same information, the 16-year-old, after waking up and opening his eyes, nodded to the doctors who say they are optimistic that his course will be good.

The chronicle of the tragedy

On Sunday afternoon, a 16-year-old accidentally shot his uncle. The 33-year-old ended up, while the teenager, under the weight of his remorse, turned his gun on himself, wanting to end his life. He shot himself as a result of which he was seriously injured in the chest and neck.

Initially, the young man was hospitalized in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit at the Arta Hospital and then underwent surgery.

The surgeons had to remove 1/3 of one of his lungs, while the shrapnel was 2,3 mm from the heart.