Cyprus: Arson of a 25-year-old vehicle - Completely destroyed

A vehicle of a 25-year-old was completely destroyed by a fire that was set maliciously and which was extended to a second vehicle

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A 25-year-old vehicle was completely destroyed by a fire that started maliciously and which spread to a second vehicle.

According to the Police, the fire was noticed around 3:40 in the morning and while the vehicle was parked outside a house in Polemidia.

The fire, which spread to a 59-year-old vehicle, was extinguished by the Fire Service, while the two vehicles were completely destroyed.

The scene was put under guard and from the examinations carried out with the first light of day, it was found that the fire was set maliciously and started from inside the vehicle of the 25-year-old.

The two vehicles, worth 7.000 euros and 2.000 euros respectively, are not covered by insurance.

Source: RES-EAP