CYPRUS: Superhuman efforts for a 3-year-old boy with heart disease due to… unvaccinated parents

They do not accept the child in hospitals abroad because the parents are ... unvaccinated - Superhuman efforts by the Ministry of Health

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The 3-year-old boy suffering from heart disease is in stable condition at Makareio Hospital, whose operation in Germany was canceled due to the fact that his parents are unvaccinated, the Director of the Pediatric Clinic, Abraham Elias, told KYPE, stressing that the child will However, the Ministry of Health, he said, made superhuman efforts to close the appointment, everything has been arranged and yesterday we were notified that they can not accept the child because the parents were not vaccinated.

He noted that the Ministry of Health reached an agreement with other countries of the European Union as well as with Israel and received the same negative response.

"We will see how we deal with this sensitive issue because we will not let the child's life be in danger," said Dr. Elias.

He pointed out that the possibility of the child going with a vaccinated attendant was also discussed, which they categorically rejected because the parents themselves must sign since the child will be taken to the operating room and they do not want anyone else to attend to take responsibility.

"The situation may be assessed by a heart surgeon to perform the operation in Cyprus," he added.