Frosso, whose father contracted coronavirus, sends a message to the recipients

"There are people who were not lucky and families who did not reunite with their own, did not hug them for the last time, did not tell them that they love them!", He said in a moving testimony.

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The story of Frosso Dimitriou is shocking, who by posting on her personal Facebook account shares what her father experienced being a positive case of coronavirus.

"It was on December 7, 2020 that we were notified that my priest had been in contact with a case. "By December 10, the first symptoms appeared", she stated characteristically, while she added that at the beginning of this adventure she was trying to be optimistic.

"Every day I saw him slowly withering. He stopped eating and could not even sleep. In the meantime, my mother got stuck, we got anxious because as a former cancer patient, the mother with a bad immune system from the chemotherapy was recovering for the worst. "How could we know that the worst thing was for him to come to us from somewhere else", he noted.

At 06:03 on the morning of December 18, Frosa's phone rang and it was her mother who informed her that her father had been taken to the hospital in the early hours of the morning.

"First shock I did not know what to say, second shock I cry, '' you cry you must be strong '', I hang up the phone my brain starts working at breakneck speed, how it happened, why, who to contact and many other questions . "They took him to the Famagusta hospital," she explains in her post.

Frosa's little sister, who saw their father get into the ambulance to be taken to the hospital, was shocked.

"I felt so much pain at that time that I could not bear the fact that I felt so helpless. I could not see him, I could not help him, I had to see him for over 10 days, all I could think about was that the last time I saw him, I longed for him for pellars, I can not say that it is the last time, it is not possible "Jai to feel guilty jai to be caught crying jai to know what to do!".

The beatings for Frosa's family were widespread. In the evening of the same day, her father's doctor called the family to inform them that his condition is very critical and that he must be transported to the Nicosia General Hospital to be placed on a ventilator. He even told them that the chance to overcome this adventure is only 20%, while he underlined that the road is very long.

"Until the next day, the village was buzzing with news about my father, everyone showed an interest and a terrible compassion! The phones of all of us were ringing incessantly, everyone wanted to know about their friend Hambis. They wanted to see if we were well and if we wanted help. I have seen so much solidarity for many years. Until then, no one has returned to the danger of the virus! ANYONE !!! ", he states.

The days, however, passed very slowly for both Frosso and her family, who were sitting on burning coals waiting for a phone call from the hospital, a new one for their own man.

Six days later the first good news arrived

On December 23, six days after Frosa's father was admitted to the hospital, her sister called her to tell her the good news.

The doctors seem to have noticed a slight improvement in his health but were still very restrained.

"I will never forget it, I stood up and at that moment I felt that I was breathing for the first time after 6 days. I burst into tears of emotion. It was the first time in 6 days that I was overwhelmed by a wave of optimism. "Habatsos succeeds once, I tell him, he succeeds once".

It is added that, on December 26, Frosa's mother came out of quarantine, while the doctors decided to take her father out of the ventilator and move more aggressively, proceeding with a tracheostomy.

Then, other questions arose about her and her family. What is a tracheostomy, what will be the consequences, why is it done, which patients have overcome it and how?

So on December 30, Frosa's father undergoes a tracheostomy with what he heard from the doctors being described as anything but positive.

Endless and difficult days followed with the family receiving news about the man sparsely and that, since due to the holidays the hospitals did not have enough staff to inform them.

On January 3, 2021, however, Frosa's father woke up from the repression, after 16 whole days. But he was still weak, he had to undergo tests, to check his memory at regular intervals, since many patients who come out of depression usually have some gaps.

"Our anxiety and anxiety have no end. From that day on, my priest showed me spectacular signs of improvement. "The first time they made us talk to him via Whats-Up, he did not return to his eyes that they saw us in front of him, he did not return that we were alive," said Frosso.

The return home

On January 27, 2021, Frosa's father returned home claiming that he was one step closer to death.

"For 16 whole days they lived a permanent nightmare, 24 hours a day. For 24 whole days he trained his body for oxygen. "For 16 whole days he had allies the machines that supported him, the doctors, the nurses and the prayers of all of us!", Frosso noted.

He then stressed that four months later the road is still very long.

"My priest has won, but he has many who did it, I have nothing better to say for an epilogue. "Even if you do not believe it, there are people who did not stand lucky and families who did not reciprocate with their own, hugged them for the last time, and told them that they love them!", He said.

See the moving post by Frosa Dimitriou:

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