Metropolitan of Morphou: "Did I tell her, my Virgin in my dias?" (VIDEO)

Metropolitan of Morphou: "Did I tell her, my Virgin in my dias?" (VIDEO)

of Morfos Neophytos

"As far as we know, we got sick, but here we are," he said, speaking at the solemn Vigil of Agios Mamantos, about his health adventure with the coronavirus.

Speaking of the coronavirus he said, “what a nice disease? it just humiliates. I call her my Virgin, instead of being a Despot and they think that I am Superman and some that I am also a Saint, in my diaspora after your feast a coronary and instead of being an imaginary healthy, better a humble and sick. And the Virgin Mary listened to us ".

He noted that he fell ill very mildly, stating characteristically, "as if the Virgin Mary gave me permission to sit down to rest, you see and my voice was renewed and my legs were renewed".

Continuing, he referred to his conversation with Elder Galaktia, in which he stated that people want to hear his speeches and she herself told him, "the dirty ones, the ones that will bring diseases, injections and war. God has given you courage and you dare and speak, when others for certain things can not. You have to talk about abortions, about the unnaturalness of the body and the desires of the soul and about magic. "

Listen to his speech at 2:05:16

Speaking to SigmaLive, theologian Theodoros Kyriakou said that "the Metropolitan lives and seems to be in another world, the church crew suffers with his statements and as a pastor he should have known very well that his personal data do not concern anyone other than himself. , and must keep them to himself ".
He stressed that the Holy Synod must intervene in order to put an end to this "delusion of prophecies and coronations about the coronavirus".
Source: Sigmalive