Morphou took a stand on the arrest of Sotiriadis: "The truth will soon shine"

Morfou took a stand for the arrest of Sotiriadis: "The truth will soon receive"

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An announcement expressing its support for the arrested Elpidoforos Sotiriadis was issued by the Holy Diocese of Morphou.

Among other things, he states that his arrest is unfair.

Such is the announcement

"At present, as the Holy Metropolis of Morphou, we express on the one hand our regret for the recent unjust arrest and detention of the distinguished doctor and scientist Mr. Elpidiforos Sotiriadis after his well-documented speech at the rally (18.07.2021) against the coronavirus, and on the other hand our support for him and his large family.

We are able to know very well the scientific training of the professor of Medicine Mr. Elpidiforou, as well as his diverse medical work through the testimonies of hundreds of people, in fact during the current infectious disease, who have been infected by COVID-19, and have been assisted unfairly by that doctor to overcome this virus with special medication. We thank him in particular for the free medical treatment offered to many faithful of the Diocese of Morphou, as well as other spiritual children.

Furthermore, Mr. Sotiriadis is one of the scientists and doctors who, throughout the duration of this epidemic, publicly presents, with parsimony, boldness and studied documentation, his scientific opinion on how to deal with it. He never refused his help to anyone who asked for it and everyone has something to say about the ethos and scientific knowledge of this man. The speedy release of Mr. Elpidiforos is a request first of those who are ill and then of his family and friends.

Mr. Elpidiforos, as well as other internationally renowned doctors and scientists with the attitude, speeches and successful treatment they propose to treat the current infectious disease, proved that there is another way of treatment, without the serious effects of the above treatments.

For all this we unite our prayer with the prayers of all the people who have known the doctor and the man Elpidiforos, while at the same time we send a message of support to him and his family, asking our Lord Jesus Christ to strengthen them with faith and the patience of the holy martyrs and confessors of our Church. And, we are sure, that this ordeal will soon pass and the Truth will shine, which the doctor Elpidiforos fearlessly proclaims, as a child of Light and Truth, as a worthy child of the Truth of the Triune God ".