Pitsillidis for Metropolitan of Morphou: Cursing to load the virus on the Virgin (VIDEO)

Pitsillidis for Metropolitan of Morphou: Damn to load the virus on the Virgin

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Theologian Andreas Pitsillidis appeared with fire and fury with what the Metropolitan of Morphou Neophytos said during his sermon on his coronavirus disease, characterizing his views as atheistic, anti-ecclesiastical and unacceptable. Loading your subjective views on the Virgin and God is not a sin, but a blasphemy, he said characteristically.

"Does God send disease to humans?" Who is the metropolitan of Morphou and does the Virgin hear him ask him? After the Virgin listens to him in whatever he asks him, why does he not ask for more wisdom or better to return to his occupied seat so that we can see freedom and asks her for a coronavirus? If he asks the Virgin for a coronavirus, will the Virgin send him diseases? Since it is made, he said disease, is the Virgin Mary also part of this global conspiracy? Is it unthinkable to tell people not to be vaccinated and to say it is a matter of humiliation to ask God for diseases? It is unacceptable to associate God with diseases and I do not say it but the gospel ", he said characteristically, stating that where there is Christ, there is only light and life.

Wondering whether the Metropolitan himself believes what he says, he said that in the past it was not always so and that he was more measured.

"It was not always like that until it goes unchecked and there is nothing left that he has not told us. I would honestly pray that God would bring him in his place if not more wisdom and prudence at least to speak less ", he added, saying that in the pulpit we explain the gospel and we do not improvise and say what we want.

"We can say our opinions, but to upload them to the Virgin Mary is a curse. To say his views but not to upload them to the Virgin Mary and God. "This is not a sin, it is a curse," he said.

At the same time, she raised the issue of the Holy Synod, which said that she should assume her responsibilities and find time to deal with the issue if one of her companions says these things that she says.

"The church must unite, not divide. It is now a collective matter of the church to find the time to deal with one of its members. Tell us if he agrees with him then he is a member of the council. Otherwise etymologically the word escort will say that accompany go together on the same road. "Either they all accompany Morfos or Morfou is not a member of them," he said.

Source: Alphanews