Metropolitan of Morphou: The hearing process started without his presence

Screenshot 2021 09 24 155546 Morphou Neophytos

Represented by his lawyer Nikos Clerides, the hearing process began today in the District Court of Nicosia against Metropolitan Morfos Neophytos in relation to offenses in violation of the Law on Infectious Diseases.

The process was scheduled to begin at 10:30 with the Metropolitan arriving at the District Court Building at 10:25. However, the Metropolitan did not enter the Courthouse and left a few minutes later.

A small number of believers and supporters of the Metropolitan had gathered in the area, holding images of saints and crosses, while they had placed a speaker outside the room from which chants could be heard. The supporters welcomed the Metropolitan of Morphou, expressing their support for him.

According to a spokesman for the Police Press Office, the hearing of the case started today with the Metropolitan himself not entering the courtroom and being represented by his lawyer.

In a relevant question, the representative of the Police clarified that the procedure is not considered to be carried out in the absence of the Metropolitan as he is represented by his lawyer. He noted that the Metropolitan is entitled not to appear and be represented by his lawyer unless summoned by the Court to attend to answer some questions, or in case he will be sentenced.

Based on the indictment, the Metropolitan incited citizens to gather illegally at the Divine Liturgy of the Epiphany on January 6, 2021 in Evrychos, in violation of the Law on Infection.