Morfou Neophytos: "The decision of the Holy Synod in favor of a vaccine is in a hurry"

The Metropolitan of Morphou expressed a public disagreement with the announcement of the Holy Synod for vaccination, through an announcement

morfou1212020 Disagreement with vaccination, Morphou Neophytos

Metropolitan of Morphou Neophytos expresses his disagreement with the announcement of the Holy Synod of Cyprus on the issue of vaccination in a written statement.

In his announcement, Morfos Neophytos informs the crew of the Holy Metropolis of Morfos and the Church of Cyprus in general, that regarding the announcement of the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus after today's special session on the coronavirus pandemic, the recommendation includes for vaccination of the faithful is not a unanimous decision of the members of the Holy Synod, as has been announced.

During today's Synod, says the Metropolitan of Morphou, "we met to be informed about it by the team of specialist doctors / epidemiologists", but they were not asked, as he said, "to express an opinion and take any position".

Therefore, the Metropolitan of Morphou notes, he publicly expresses his disagreement with this announcement, which recommends the faithful to be vaccinated for coronary heart disease and maintains - adds - his reservations regarding the ingredients and the action of the specific vaccines, who have prepared and are preparing large pharmaceutical industries.

In addition, he considers that this incentive to vaccinate has been hasty, as he is said to have accepted vaccines in advance, of which we do not know the composition or actions, and which may contain artificial human genetic material and thus cause serious side effects in humans. organism, as documented by some scientists point out, concludes the Metropolitan of Morphou in his announcement.

Source: KYPE