New investment fraud – More than 73 euros were taken from a 80,000-year-old man

How he was deceived

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A new case of fraud and embezzlement of a large sum of money exceeding 80 thousand euros, the Police are investigating, following a complaint submitted to the TAE of Nicosia by a 73-year-old man.

According to a police announcement, a 73-year-old man filed a complaint with the TAE of Nicosia on Sunday, according to which, last July, he was contacted via an online telecommunications application by an unknown woman, who introduced herself to him as an employee of the Greek division of an investment company based in European country. The suspect informed him about various investment programs provided by the company through an online platform and urged him to invest in them. After the 73-year-old initially told the suspect that he had already invested money on another platform, the suspect urged him to invest money through her company's platform as well, so that he could compare the profit performance of his investments.

The 73-year-old was convinced and according to the complaint he submitted to the Police, he gave access to his unknown woman, so that she could connect to his computer through an electronic application and create an investment account on his behalf on her company's investment platform. The 73-year-old then transferred from his bank account, the total amount of 84,000 euros, to six bank accounts in foreign banks, as the suspicious woman had indicated to him, with the intention of his money being invested in cryptocurrencies, oil, and precious metals.

At the end of November, when the 73-year-old contacted his unknown wife and mentioned that she wanted to cash out 49,000 euros worth of cryptocurrencies she had invested in, the suspect cut off all contact with him, leading him to suspect that she had been duped.

TAE Nicosia is investigating the case.

Source: KYPE